Seeds grow in the underground


Underjord is a small company that can help you and your business with technology. Employing our services can reinvigorate an existing team or we can guide you through an entire production. At our back we have a network of productive and creative professionals that allow us to push further than what even our own experiences cover.

Underjord was founded and is run by me, Lars Wikman. I've been solving problems and fulfilling the needs of clients leveraging the web and IT systems for around a decade. Over time I've identified some reliable people that I bring in as I see the need, competence that would take years to recruit but can be brought to bear on your problems as needed. I've always been told I'm an easy person to talk to about tech. If you have a problem, I can provide an ear and my experiences with how to fix things.

I can help you tackle those old legacy systems that your developers seem to have given up on. Systems that remain central to your business. Maybe we can save you from the costly rewrite. Maybe we can find a way for your team to love again.

We can help you establish mentorship, teaching and knowledge sharing. This improves, or even replaces, recruitment efforts by helping you level up the talent you can actually get, to where they become the developers you really need.

It all starts with a conversation and ends with you cutting costs, improving quality for long term sustainability or simply increasing revenue.

If your business has some rough spots that are either caused by technology or that you believe could be solved with technology, send me an e-mail at

- Lars Wikman