I help small | medium technical teams deliver the damn software

The goal is quality software, a wicked sharp team and good sustainable business.

I achieve results with technical skills and by fostering a sustainably productive culture suited to software development.

I bring experience and a powerful professional network. You have the business, I know the technology and the people who make it tick.

"Lars is a real pro: timely, thoughtful, and effective. He communicates well and delivers on his word. 10/10 would recommend."

Jerod Santo, The Changelog

"Clear communication, easy to work with and solid deliveries."

Olle Nyman, Loops Education

"Very clever, borderline ingenious."

Hacker News commenter


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Video: Making a Calendar Gadget with Nerves and LiveView


Cleaning up previous work and making the eInk display look fabulous by iterating in our LiveView-based simulator. We get this thing ready for small office production :)

Video: Forming an Erlang cluster of Pi Zeros


I sat down with the stream and gently coaxed a couple of Raspberry Pi Zeros to cluster up with each other using the Nerves project.

Video: Unbox a Pi400 and put Nerves on it


I've been enjoying some Nerves recently which prompted me to finally order the Pi400 to play around with. In this stream I unpack it and get Nerves running on it without having tried it before or hearing that anyone had tried it. I just trusted the hard work of the Nerves team.

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