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I achieve results with technical skills and by fostering a sustainably productive culture suited to software development.

I bring experience and a powerful professional network. You have the business, I know the technology and the people who make it tick.

"Lars is a real pro: timely, thoughtful, and effective. He communicates well and delivers on his word. 10/10 would recommend."

Jerod Santo, The Changelog

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Olle Nyman, Loops Education

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Are Contexts a Thing?


The discussion of Contexts in Phoenix, their arguable relevance to Domain-Driven Design and their general usefulness feels like a common point of controversy in Elixir. I've gathered that the discussions went high and low as it was becoming a thing. I don't really care for controversy but what I see is a topic which gets confusing to wrangle with and which I never know quite how to explain. So this will be an attempt to explain what Contexts as provided are, cover some common concerns around this and two rather opposing suggestions about how to deal with them.

Giveaway: Elixir in Action


The book Elixir in Action by Saša Jurić is widely recognized as one of the best books on this language I favor. I've been meaning to run some giveaways and this book was always on the agenda. It shouldn't be the only one but I think it makes a very appropriate starting point. Especially as the book has been such a starting point for many Elixirists through the years.

Building a Startup on Elixir to a $50 mil round


I became familiar with Marcin Kulik when I was brought in to work with a company called Vic.ai. A fintech startup. Marcin is the guy who started building their entire Elixir system and was the person to primarily onboard me to the work. When I was brought in they were a small team of 4 devs, looking to grow up to around 7 at the time.

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