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I achieve results with technical skills and by fostering a sustainably productive culture suited to software development.

I bring experience and a powerful professional network. You have the business, I know the technology and the people who make it tick.

"Lars is a real pro: timely, thoughtful, and effective. He communicates well and delivers on his word. 10/10 would recommend."

Jerod Santo, The Changelog

"Clear communication, easy to work with and solid deliveries."

Olle Nyman, Loops Education

"Very clever, borderline ingenious."

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What ID3v2 could have been


Speculations and specifications. If you were a Winamp user back in the day, or curate an MP3 collection currently, you might recognize the humble ID3 tag. It is what the metadata in the MP3 file is made up of. First it was pretty limited in the version later dubbed ID3v1. Like any good 2.0 they added a ton more fields, features, removed character limits and it was suddenly ID3v2. The latest spec is ID3v2.4 while the most commonly adopted one seems to be ID3v2.3. I recently found myself having a reason to dig into this specification.

Code BEAM, Stockholm 2022


I started writing this on the train home from Code BEAM. It's an Erlang, Elixir (and BEAM in general) conference put on by Code Sync which is part of Erlang Solutions. It was a hybrid conference, I was there entirely in person. It was a very good time.

LiveView on Nerves


I've played with Nerves for almost as long as I've been learning and using Elixir. Nerves is a fantastic way of working with hardware along with the BEAM virtual machine and it is great fun for hobbyist projects like Raspberry Pis. Phoenix LiveView is currently my favorite way of making full-stack web development cohesive and keeping the complexity as low as possible for it. I haven't run into any short compelling demos of getting these started together.

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