I help small | medium technical teams deliver the damn software

The goal is quality software, a wicked sharp team and good sustainable business.

I achieve results with technical skills and by fostering a sustainably productive culture suited to software development.

I bring experience and a powerful professional network. You have the business, I know the technology and the people who make it tick.

"Lars is a real pro: timely, thoughtful, and effective. He communicates well and delivers on his word. 10/10 would recommend."

Jerod Santo, The Changelog

"Clear communication, easy to work with and solid deliveries."

Olle Nyman, Loops Education

"Very clever, borderline ingenious."

Hacker News commenter


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Guest post: Cross-cutting Elixir in Teams


Release day. Although the product team was used to a bit of a hustle to wrap up open features, perform final testing, and prepare for deployment, today presented some additional challenges.

Video: Building Out Indie Livestreaming with LiveView and Membrane


On a previous stream we tested out the library for RTMP in Membrane to achieve streaming on our own in Elixir. This time we make it more convenient, flexible and work our way towards using it.

Video: Elixir and Computer Vision with evision


From Twitter I stumbled on this neat, still early, but working project for using the OpenCV library from Elixir. So I decided to give it a whirl!

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