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Fundamentals & Deployment


I've had Gerhard Lazu on my livestream once where he showed me a way of doing CI/CD with k3s and ArgoCD. The podcast Ship It! that he hosts on Changelog recently had Kelsey Hightower on. Kelsey is to many this guru of the cloud native and Kubernetes space. I've had good value from what I've heard him say in the past. In this episode he really spoke to me.

Is LiveView Overhyped?


To alleviate any sense of clickbait. No, it is not overhyped as a technology, in my opinion. Let's get into the nuances. In a recent tweet a while back a member of the Elixir community expressed some frustration with how everything is all about LiveView. It led to some interesting and useful discussion and as someone who writes a fair bit about Elixir, Phoenix and such I have thoughts. Following on that discussions other people expressed further concern about the unreserved enthusiasm with which some of us have pushed LiveView and maybe even more, the PETAL stack. I doubt they were just thinking of me there but I'd be surprised if I wasn't considered a bit of a cheerleader for it. So taking some of that very reasonable criticism and skepticism, let's try to address that and also dig into some of the concerns about the LiveView hype.

Nerves Quickstart


This is a labor of love where I just wanted the Nerves project to have a nice promo video. Frank and crew put a lot of work into making Nerves approachable while all their day-to-day use and needs is in the nitty-gritty industry side of it. So what does all that effort get them? Well, they've gotten it to the point where a complete step by step can be a one minute, 38 seconds long video. Showing the common steps for getting an RPi from inert to you controlling the system LEDs using Elixir from a web UI. Kudos to Livebook on the interactive web programming bit :)

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