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Legacy Systems

There are many challenges as technical systems age. Things are lost and forgotten as developers come and go. As fashion and fads shift they can leave you stranded with tech that is no longer hip. Your developers can get frustrated and start asking for the big rewrite.

These are generally solvable problems. There is a combination of organizational and technical measures that can be taken to figure out if a rewrite is warranted. There are ways to restore faith in tech and build a culture of sustainable maintenance. There is a way to care for your legacy, treating it with the respect the word implies. There are ways to renew and refresh an aging system that works into something you can be proud of again.

Developers often say "legacy" like it is a bad thing. What it usually means is that a system has proven its business value.

I have significant experience working in and with legacy systems. I believe refocusing on sustainable development of maintainable systems is an important thing for our industry and the bottom line of any business. I know that restoring developer investment in older software is possible and absolutely critical to maintaining good quality. Rewrites are expensive, take a lot of time and work and they tend to under-deliver on results. Businesses have died trying to make 2.0 happen. In most cases this is entirely avoidable.

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