Seeds grow in the underground

Professional mentorship

Programming, software development and tech can be vast domains of knowledge and an enormous surface area to try and cover. You don't need to. But you might need to do more than you currently are. It is hard to correctly estimate yourself in comparison to the surrounding landscape and say whether you know what you should, if you are working in a sane way, in a good way, in a professional way.

I have a lot of experience bringing inexperienced developers up to speed and into being productive in a team. This can mean focused efforts into specific skills, rounding out general craftsman skillsets such as terminal commands and source control that can sometimes be left half-baked during intense courses or that one might not have developed fully when learning by yourself.

Generally, I've seen my biggest leaps of progress as a professional when I've had someone hold me accountable, help me in removing obstacles to progress and having someone I know I can talk to about the things I have on my mind as a professional.

To complement the skills we can already help with we have a strong network of freelancers that we can bring in for specific sessions, if that's native app development, in-depth devops, hosting and scaling. Tech has a lot of topics and I know people who do high-grade freelance work in many of them.

Whether you are just getting started on your first job out of a bootcamp or are feeling stuck after ten years in the same stack, or anywhere in-between. Feel free to get in touch and I can probably help you out in some manner. You can reach me at