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Every week I’m in touch with established and aspiring Elixir developers. Many of them are considering the next step of their career. Most are names you’ve never heard, some with a public presence. I’m also regularly in touch with companies that do Elixir and want to find more developers. Companies I’d previously never heard of as well as well-known ones. I recognized the gap that prevents these two from connecting and I saw an opportunity to help developers find Elixir jobs and help companies find Elixir devs.

If your company should do this, you’ll find some more information here.

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(Python & Kubernetes)

An opinionated, best-practice approach to data orchestration

A profitable, non-VC-funded, sustainable tech business. In this economy? Datacoves has the business situation I think most developers want to find right now. Not a startup crunching their last gasp before collapse but proven traction and a steady path towards further success. A company where you can apply your experience and do your best work.

I got in touch with Datacoves through my Elixir network and there is certainly interest in Elixir at the company. To be clear, language-wise the best fit currently is someone comfortable with Python/Django or just really experienced overall. The most important experience is Kubernetes, this company runs infrastructure for folks and Kubernetes is central to it.

  • Very senior/tech lead level developer
  • Technical ownership and responsibility
  • Plenty of hands on work
  • Kubernetes
  • Timezone compatible with US hours
  • Contract role preferred, open to discuss

Apply through the form and I’ll we’ll figure out if you and they seem a good fit.

Apply here

Unprofiled company (Haskell/Elm)

A company doing environmental data tech in Gothenburg Sweden are looking for a couple of experienced full stack developers with some reasonable level of experience in Haskell.

Pragmatism, architectural experience and a broad knowledge profile along with good communication and teamwork skills are all desirable.

Apply here

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