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I produce a fair bit of stuff that costs you nothing. I do it for the love of tech, community and my desire to have my existence acknowledged in an uncaring universe. Arguably also marketing. You find them gathered here.

Underjord Newsletter

My weekly newsletter is probably the single thing I do which seems to get the most love. I’m thrilled that people enjoy reading it. I love writing it. The best way to keep up with what I do as well as get my thoughts on a wide variety of topics. Typically technical, often programming-centric.

Podcast: Regular Programming (

My friend Andreas and I talk about working as programmers, developing software, hacking the code. Occasionally technical, consistently social. Bi-weekly, probably.

Podcast: BEAM Radio (

We talk about Elixir, Erlang and related topics. I don’t know how I ended up in this star-studded roster but I love the gang. Bruce Tate of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, Sophie Debenedetto of everything & LiveView and across the gang we have Elixir Sips, Elixir Tips and Steven’s adorable son. Unstoppable, bi-weekly.

Live streaming: Elixir development

Found via my YouTube for now. I regularly stream different interesting projects I want to try. Typically Elixir-related but there’s not topic set.

YouTube channel

You can follow my video creation on the YouTube channel or you can follow it here on the blog. I tend to cross-publish.

Some recurring things:

  • Learning Elixir
    A series where me and a friend who is an experienced developer introduce him to Elixir using Elixir School and Livebook.
  • Livestream videos
    After my livestreams I publish the videos for posterity. You’ll find them here.

The blog

Right up there in the menu. There is also an RSS feed.

The Official Nerves Newsletter

I put together the official Nerves Newsletter. Nerves is a magnificent platform for IoT and was my entrypoint into Elixir. A fantastic and kind part of the Elixir community.

Singletons & one-offs

Previously involved in