Winners - Manning book giveaway

Just a brief note announcing the three winners of the giveaway that take home a copy of Elixir in Action by Saša Jurić. Thanks to Manning for providing those copies. If you want 35% off of their books you can use the discount code nlunderjord21 and you can find their collection via this link that definitely will track some statistics about click-through rates (you have been warned): Manning’s other books.

The winner’s have all been notified and codes for the ebooks sent out. And they are (names as permitted):

  • From the old guard of newsletter subscribers, since many, many issues back, Marcelo!
  • New newsletter subscriber, ryoung786!
  • Podcast subscriber for Regular Programming, Manuel!

Congratulations to our three winners and better luck next time to everyone else. Thanks for giving it a shot. I’ll note that the pod-pool and the old subscriber pools were the biggest chances of winning. So maybe that’s a hint to get in on that newsletter now. I fully intend to keep offering opportunities to my existing readership as I very much appreciate their attention.

If you have question, you can as per usual reach me at by email or on Twitter @lawik.