Inky library released!

Me and nyaray finally finished up our work on the Inky eInk display library to a level where we are happy to release it. So Inky 1.0.0 is now out on Hex! Docs are on there too.

This is a small library and what started as a simple almost line-by-line port of the Python library on my part is now testable and tested. It has a simulator for on-host development (separate library, inky_host_dev). It has a Scenic driver (separate library, scenic_driver_inky). It has a little bit of CircleCI and all that good stuff. I'll primarily credit nyaray with raising the bar on me and I'll take credit for getting the ball rolling, making the driver and host dev libraries happen.

This has been a lot of fun. And if you need slightly colorful eInk display in your Pi Zero project (or the bigger wHAT) this is a neat display. Obviously all the good and bad of eInk applies. Slow refresh. So slow. But also, doesn't need power to sustain the pixels so you can see your last debug attempt on the device for days, even when the device is off, until you finally fix it and manage to push new pixels to the device. Or it will stare at you. Forever. So yeah, great device :)

There are a few more things we want to do along the way. Mostly to have perfect support-parity with the original Python library from Pimoroni. Nothing major.

We've tried to provide everything you need to get started. So check out our pretentious european art-collective/github organisation pappersverk where you will find a couple of sample repositories to get you started, beyond the readmes and docs. If you find problems, give us issues on GitHub, if you want to talk about this stuff we're usually in #nerves on the Elixir-lang Slack.