Deploying with k3s and ArgoCD

I’m pretty skeptical of Kubernetes as a choice for small teams, small projects and any less complicated operation. Gerhard Lazu is quite enthusiastic about it on the other hand. After having me on his show Ship It!, a production, I expressed some curiosity about k3s, a lightweight variant of k8s. He offered to come on the livestream and show me how good life can be. Hope you enjoy the video.

After this show I primarily have more nuanced feelings about the whole thing. I see advantages to this approach but I would say I still see to much mystery and magic in it for my taste. Things are doing stuff and I have no idea what’s what.

Regardless where you fall on the spectrum I think Gerhard showed us some very thoughtful approaches to using k3s, some absolutely over the top nice uses of make and scratched the surface of ArgoCD.

The video is also available on YouTube.

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