Video: Attempting Operational Transformation .. again

Getting deeper and farther into trying to do Operational Transformation with Erlang wxStyledTextCtrl, aka. Scintilla and TextDelta.

I end up doing almost no TextDelta or Operational Transformation in this one as I try to pin down whether I can reliably insert and delete text from the different editor sessions without causing endless loops of updates. Turns out that there is no great facility for handling that. We learn quite a bit. But spoiler, I wrap it up deciding that making it actually work with what is available to me will be too painful.

I do want to revisit Operational Transformation. I’ll probably do it with Quill.js which produces Deltas of changes by default. At some point. Let me know if you do figure out any options for this.

I’m still very keen on doing things with this wxStyledTextCtrl. Live collaboration is a very particular use-case, I still see all sorts of fun possibilities with implementing an editor with it.

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