Video: Building with PETAL 1 - Getting Started

It begins. For my vacation work-days, a concept to explain soon, I wanted to try to scratch an itch that I feel have product potential. So I decided to do parts of the work on the stream. This is the first part.

To address the vacation work-days thing. I’m not being terrible at vacationing, or at least not as far as I can tell. We have a young child in the house, so some time on my own is quite nice and I have established some routines I really enjoy that I didn’t want a break from this summer staycation. Specifically the newsletter and the livestreaming which I both do weekly on fridays. I also really enjoy sitting down with code for a solid session. So spending 1 day per week on this feels pretty good.

Alright. This video covers setting up the project, basing it on another project I’ve made and getting started.

The product idea is about sharing media and parts of life with your loved ones and friends without the social mix of sharing your wild friends with your stodgy relatives, or sharing your wild relatives with your stodgy friends. A small-scale, mindful way of keeping in touch and not needing to work with half a dozen message apps to share a picture of your kid. My kid actually. She kicks ass.

If you want to reach about about anything, email or Twitter is good. and @lawik respectively.

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