Video: Indie Livestreaming with Elixir & Membrane

So Software Mansion, the makers of Membrane Framework, have kindly conspired with me to get RTMP ready for Membrane. RTMP is the protcol used when streaming from popular open source tool OBS. The RTMP module is currently at a technical preview level so be warned, might have some sharp edges.

They made sure there was a chain of building blocks from RTMP to HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and now I can actually set up a completely independent version of the Underjord livestreams. So that’s what we are going to be looking at this stream.

What parts are there? What considerations and concerns go into it? How does it work? How does it scale?

I think we’ll be able to show it MVP style on this stream as well as discuss where I’d like to take it and maybe even hack some towards that.

Note: This livestream happened back in November, I’m a bit behind on processing those livestream recordings to the site. There has since been a follow-up to this one as well. They’ll all arrive here eventually but they are on the YouTube channel already.

4K HD 720 low