Video: Nerves, Livebook & small displays (eInk, OLED)

The Inky eInk display was one of my first real things done with Elixir. And I’m apparently back on my bullshit. Because I just pulled that thing out and tried it with Nerves + Livebook. Had a really good time this stream and I think I want to do more things with hardware like this. Let me know if you’d be curious to see more of this.

This triggered a not-yet-working Nerves device project I’m calling my calendar gadget which will be more documented at some point I’m sure. The Phoenix part of that under calendar_app is completely locally runnable. You have to add some fonts and use iex to add your calendar URL though. Not very ergonomic yet. The idea is to show my next calendar event on the eInk display. And since I didn’t want to push firmware for every change to the display I made a silly/naive eInk preview in LiveView. If you are curious about what my just-get-it-working code is like, that project is full of it.

Anyway, I’m really glad to be doing some more hardware stuff and be back with Nerves. The livestream video covers putting text on these displays and some capturing of button presses :)

4K HD 720 low