Seeds grow in the underground


Recruitment of developers is a monstrous market right now. Recruiters roam the streets looking for anyone who's not completely tied down to their job and has enough experience to be labelled "senior" if you squint at the CV. And they generally can't find the people you need. Read more about our mentorships for business.

Working as a developer generally means you are assumed to be capable of doing pretty much anything that the job could possibly entail. Either as a junior, journeyman or experienced developer you may very well find yourself missing a road forward, isolated in a project or simply missing some skills you know you should have but don't have the first clue how to approach. Does your workplace have a plan for levelling you up? Do you? If you want to get started with mentorship, coaching or even som specific training, check out our professional mentorships.

We believe that one solution to the recruitment problem is to improve your focus on training, coaching and mentorships. With a good onboarding process, a culture of teaching and mentorship you can recruit from the firehose of boot-camps, vocational training and whatnot that produce the junior developers of today. To solve long-term needs in knowledge and talent we can help your business and your team figure out how to actively and continuously make sure your new or inexperienced hires acquire the skills you need them to have.

But what about the short-term? We have the experience. We can offer mentorship arrangements where we provide select members of your development team with a personal mentor who they can work with to improve their professional skills and grow into the responsibilities of whatever role is in their future.

We can't create developers from thin air but we can help you bring junior developers to intermediate and help your experienced developers tackle the responsibilities of seniority.

Read more about our thoughts on establishing a a culture of learning for your business.