Recruiting with Elixir

  • Are you having trouble finding experienced devs?
  • Do you need engaged and interested candidates?
  • Need the most enthusiastic juniors available?

I’m sure I can help. You are not the first.

With Underjord I serve two parties. The Elixir community and our clients. This has lead to the luxurious position of being in contact with Elixir developers on daily basis and getting to know new ones every week. It has also lead to us meeting companies Elixir developers have never heard of that are terrific employers. I started helping companies recruit to make this connection.

Most companies do not have a developer relations org available to make sure they connect with the wider community. Most marketing departments are busy connecting with your company’s customers rather than building bridges for future hiring.

Unfortunately hiring great developers is a high touch venture. Opportunities abound and most senior people never touch the open market, moving through networks, connections and recommendations.

What I do with Underjord in recruiting is provide that bridge. I estimate the current audience of Elixir-focused developers following Underjord in the high hundreds. Companies that are unknown to developers get a chance to show up and show their support with an active community contributor. I promote your listing in writing and video to source interested candidates. I write an honest and opinionated roll description for what you want and provide an initial screen for those who apply. I pass the ones I think could fit on to you.

You can schedule a conversation here at no cost or you can reach out over email