Self-evaluation improvements

A little while back I released a tool for self-evaluating as a web developer. I have just now updated it to include some explanation and guidance for things topics where the learner indicates a need for it.

You can try it for yourself at Web Development - Self-evaluation. It is centered on inexperienced developers. It might be of some benefit to old dogs that need to remind themselves about tricks forgotten as well. Fill it out, the data is sent nowhere, it isn't tracked, you get a persistent link. You evaluate yourself, you change your answers as you learn.

It is technically quite simple. I wrote it in Elixir and Phoenix, because I enjoy those. The devil is in the writing, it turned out to be quite a lot of text to provide some context on 80+ topics of web development. I do think it can be quite useful and I hope you all give it a try.

If you just want to read it all, which I don't recommend, you can do so here.

Very curious about your thoughts. I'm available at and occasionally on Twitter where I'm @lawik.

Take care of yourselves out there.