Small update, full content RSS

This is a small update to let you know that the RSS feed contains full content now.

It also lets me verify that the feed has updated correctly and works fine. If it comes out weird in your feed reader, please let me know.

If you aren’t familiar with RSS. Consider it the open standard that drives podcasting and an exceptionally useful way of reading blogs, news, webcomics in a more intentional way via a dedicated, nice, newsreader application or web UI. It lets you avoid attention-grabbing or remembering to check but it doesn’t have to go “PING!” or anything. More things should be like RSS.

I blame Martin Gausby for reminding me that full articles in RSS is a better experience than needing to click through. So in the interest of pampering my audience with the best text experiences possible. There you go ;)

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Video - Livebook, trying it out

Last friday I did my second live stream. A lot of nice people stopped by and I spent the time showing and getting more familiar with the newly released Livebook....

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Lumen - Statically compiled Erlang for x86

The Lumen Project is an ambitious compiler development effort to create a complimentary set of compilers and tools that allow developers to get the power of the Erlang VM, The BEAM, in places it does not traditionally fit. Such as the browser. Currently the project is at an early released stage as covered in Luke's ElixirConf talk. It does not yet implement all of Erlang OTP and as such won't handle most Erlang/Elixir you could throw at it. I want to show something that it does do. And while the project is a complicated compiler project you do not need to know that stuff to try it out. This should be achievable for most developers and to ensure that I wasn't talking out of my rear I had my assistant developer follow the instructions without my input and it worked out well....

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A Telegram Bot in Elixir feat. LiveView

I asked my network about noting ideas quickly and got a lot of good responses. One mentioned saving them in Telegram. I don't think I want to do specifically that but I do want a minimum friction way of noting ideas for later review and refinement. And sending them to a Telegram chat would be quite nice. So I started on the path of something like a note-taking system using Telegram for ingesting quick notes. And I want to share the satisfaction I felt with seeing the near real-time way that it works....

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