Mentorships for business

  • Are you confident your developers build with the business’ best interest at heart?
  • Have you secured your employees’ continued learning and satisfaction?
  • Is your team working in a sustainable fashion?

I find that coaching and mentorship in tech are underserved areas, and I want to help fix that. Developers will start looking for their next job if they feel like they aren't learning-- but maybe your business doesn’t need them to learn a new language, framework, database engine, or anything like that right now. So, how do we meaningfully engage and develop their interests so your business can retain them as critical staff?

Invest in your team’s knowledge, culture and development as professionals. It helps keep them on board, builds a stronger culture of knowledge sharing and helps make sure that they are making decisions for the good of the business rather than from frustration.

To complement the skills I bring to the table, I also leverage a strong network of freelancers. Tech has a lot of topics and I know people who do high-grade freelance work in many of them, including but not limited to native app development, in-depth devops, hosting and scaling. By bringing in experts to talk shop with your team, everyone will learn some new things and it will absolutely pay off.

I can also offer company-sponsored mentorships to developers as well as coaching for teams. If you want a fixed price offer for roadmapping your needs, get in touch with us at If you are hesitating, please consider signing up for our newsletter to learn more on how to maintain and sustain in tech.