Sponsorships & Recruitment

Every week I’m in touch with established and aspiring Elixir developers. Many of them are considering the next step of their career. Most are names you’ve never heard, some with a public presence. I’m also regularly in touch with companies that do Elixir and want to find more developers. Companies I’d previously never heard of as well as well-known ones. I recognized the gap that prevents these two from connecting and I saw an opportunity to help developers find Elixir jobs and help companies find Elixir devs.

It works like this. Companies that support my content creation with an ongoing sponsorship, get shown off when I put out my blog posts, my newsletter and videos. They also get my support in finding Elixir developers. I find it a generative, positive cycle since a big point of my creative output and of pairing devs and companies is that it will grow the community and ecosystem.

So many companies out there that want to do more in the community but have to focus their limited marketing efforts on their actual customers. I consider a sponsorship like this a good stepping stone into supporting and engaging with the community. Put your company name where we can see it, show your support and let us know about you. If your company needs this, reach out via this form and we’ll see what we can do.