The Team

When you hire consultants and contract work through Underjord you are dealing with this lovely crew.

We are focused on Elixir. That’s our expertise and specialization. We also deal with whatever additional tech is necessary surrounding it as we provide a full-stack offering.

If you want reinforcements or to contract or services as an instant product team, schedule a conversation, no pressure. You’ll be talking to Lars and we’ll figure out what you need and if we can help.

Lars Wikman

Founder of Underjord.

Experience from roles as tech lead, CTO, a number of years as contractor and consultant. Started as a self-taught web dev and worked through to system development, architecture and distributed systems. Spreading Elixir across the west coast of Sweden.

Writes, speaks, records and publishes.


The first employee of Underjord. Elliot is a software developer with an eye for design and style. Conscientious and careful he does his work clearly and cleanly. Travels the most of the entire team but typically works out of Malmö or Stockholm.


Software developer with a good chunk of DevOps and Linux admin background. Responsible, clear and capable. Dials in to work from a farmhouse halfway up in Sweden.


Originally a project manager who took a dive into software development and never looked back. Pro-active and communicative they take hold of both the big picture and working through the details. Coordinates efforts from Stockholm.


An Elixir enthusiast that does his software development work from Delhi. Maqbool has given several conference talks and is ever interested in new technical challenges.

If you want to borrow a team this lovely, schedule a conversation so that you and I (Lars) can talk through your needs. No pressure.