Technical consultation

  • Does your team want to rewrite the core system of your business?
  • Are you a decision-maker but have trouble with your development organization?
  • Is there a lot of technical jargon coming into your field and you need to know what's what?

Making technical decisions as an executive is hard. There are a lot of details, and often technical teams focus on these exclusively. As a decision maker, you need to look at a bigger picture. That's where I can help.

I'm a native of the broader tech culture and have a wide understanding of technical topics. I'm also a business-owner; I know how to keep my eye on the business value. What I can offer is advice, a sounding board and potentially a translator for helping bridge the gap around technical decision-making. I've experience in both agency roles and product teams as an individual contributor as well as team technical lead. I want to leverage this experience to help you avoid technical pitfalls and help you reach decisions that can land well in a technical organization.

You can book a short session directly here. If you have more complex needs just get in touch at