Reviewing your Elixir project

Whether you are building a new more challenging project with Elixir or it is your first exciting plunge into the language there can be a multitude of uncertainties that concern a technical decision-maker.

I offer a limited scope technical review of an Elixir project with the intent of answering these questions:

  • Are there serious problem areas in the codebase?
  • Are there long-term challenges with the way the project has been implemented?
  • Is some technical aspect slowing down progress significantly?
  • Have we missed some fantastic tools that are out there?
  • Are there major improvements we could make?

It is a fixed-price offering. I put all I know about Elixir and its ecosystem into improving your future outcomes and give you a hit list of things I believe you can benefit from doing or thinking about. If you are not satisfied that it the review was useful you have a full money back guarantee. No questions asked.

To figure out if this is a good choice for you, let’s talk or reach out through email at