Elixir Advisor

This service is appropriate for you if:

  • You are invested in Elixir as a significant part of your tech stack.
  • You are able to write the code already.
  • You know that there are limits to how much you can keep up with.
  • You need someone with experience to work through ideas with you.
  • You want an ongoing relationship with input both on-demand and proactively.
  • You want a direct connection to a network of Elixir specialists and trainers.

This is an offering where I take an active part in the big picture of your company’s technical work and decisions. I put my resources into putting your projects on the best track towards success. If your team needs training I can connect you with the best people. If you are facing a big decision, I’m available to work through it.

This is the premium option for making CTOs and tech leads happier. Schedule a call and we can figure out if it makes sense.