Video companion - Teaching Elixir - Basics

Me and an experienced programmer friend sit down and try to teach him Elixir using the Elixir School curriculum and materials. We are doing it in Livebook. This time we cover the very basics.

This is the first episode and we’ll definitely polish our process as we go. They will be much shorter and probably simpler than the live stream videos. The goal is to work through Elixir School and get my friend properly started with Elixir. So it will be a mix of going through the content and any derailments and asides we end up going through.

You can find the very simplistic Livebook version of the Elixir school content on my forked Elixir School repo for now.

The video is also available on YouTube.

If you enjoy this or have questions you can reach me via email as or on Twitter where I’m @lawik.