Video: Elixir CMS Thoughts, and code

I’ve had a lot of thoughts and a few failed runs at creating a CMS in Elixir. This isn’t because Elixir is particular hard to do it in. Rather the opposite. The reason I’ve abandoned those efforts have to do with what exactly I want solved with a CMS.

I’ve outlined some of that in The WordPress merging problem and WordPress & the gross inefficiencies. I’m trying to create a sound technical solution with a sound human solution on top of it. My first efforts were quite top-down in some aspects. I took a small piece of the pie and tried to solve it. This effort is more ground up.

This video is me showing some of the work I’ve done on some foundations of what could turn into an Elixir CMS. I also try to explain some of my requirements and some of my thinking. There is a long way still to go. Clearly. Hope you enjoy my perspective on these challenges. If you want to be involved you can reach out over email or find me on Twitter.

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