Video companion - Teaching Elixir - Enums

Me and an experienced programmer friend sit down and try to teach him Elixir using the Elixir School curriculum and materials. We are doing it in Livebook. This time we cover enum.

You can find the very simplistic Livebook version of the Elixir school content on my forked Elixir School repo for now.

There was an audio issue while recording that couldn’t be isolated and fixed where my friend was quite a bit lower in volume than I was. I’ll be looking at making sure those are separate tracks so I can fix those issues in the future. I’ve tried to with some audio-mangling so compared to other episodes the audio might be a bit rubbish. Very sorry about that.

The video is also available on YouTube.

If you enjoy this or have questions you can reach me via email as or on Twitter where I’m @lawik.